Coronavirus (COVID-19): A message to our customers

The government is prioritising efforts to free up hospital beds so there is more capacity in the NHS to treat patients unwell with COVID-19.

The NHS can discharge patients well enough to go home if they have the necessary equipment at home.

Our fully qualified surveyors and installers are standing by to provide immediate appointments and installations.

Virtual consultation

You can arrange a remote consultation with a video call so there’s no need for our surveyor to carry out their usual face-to-face assessment.

If you have a smartphone or tablet we can arrange a video call with you on the following services:

  • FaceTime
  • Facebook Messenger Video
  • WhatsApp Video
  • Skype
  • Zoom

This new remote service is part of our response to the coronavirus outbreak.

What else are we doing?

  • All employees are required to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when in or traveling to a customer’s home.
  • All employees are required to use separate vehicles when traveling from location to location.
  • All employees must practice good hygiene, including frequently washing hands with soap and water, and proper social distancing.
  • When in a customers home employees are to where possible maintain 2 metres social distance.

We’re continuously monitoring the health situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

As a result, we’ve put in place new working procedures. These procedures aim to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers whilst minimising service disruption.

We will continue to work and serve our customers as normal whilst adhering to current and future guidance from government.

Prior to each appointment, we are speaking to customers over the phone to find out the health condition of everyone living in the house in order to make a decision as to whether it is safe to attend the appointment.

When attending appointments, we are ensuring physical contact with customers is kept to an absolute minimum and where possible we are keeping a safe distance. We require that all employees put on disposable gloves before entering a service users’ home and dispose of them after they have left. Washing hands with hot water and soap at every opportunity is a must.

We are ensuring our work spaces, vehicles and tools are being kept clean using detergents and bleach to minimise the potential risk of spreading the virus. Non-essential business travel is no longer being undertaken and where possible, external meetings take place over the phone.

All of our employees are under instructions to stay at home and self-isolate should they develop new continuous coughs and or high temperatures, or if a member of their household displays symptoms. Please rest assured that we’re monitoring the situation daily and reviewing government and Public Health guidelines. We will adapt our working procedures in line with any changes.

The NHS website has more information about how Coronavirus is spread and answers common questions about the virus.